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KeShuna B.

Wichita Falls, Texas

If I’m writing from my heart, a permanent connection is something I’ve never experienced. To me, the connection leaves when you leave care. I aged out of foster care at 19. For me, that’s when life started. 

Although foster care was a horrible experience for me, I did have some adults who  stuck their necks out and did everything they could to help me. Some were positive, some were negative but at the time that didn’t matter. There were  times when I was my only supportive adult and I got myself through whatever I needed to. If I had a permanent connection, I would have a better story but it’s something that I lacked while in and out of foster care.

A permanent connection would have been cherished and amazing to hold on to. It’s also something I still crave. It hurts not to have just one connection in your life that matters that you know is permanent and will always be there. Instead, it feels as if you never have anyone because when you leave, they will too.


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