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Every child needs and deserves a forever family. 

Your support is invested in the efforts to streamline the adoption process – building better matches, creating case worker efficiency, and reducing the time of adoption for waiting children and families.

When you make a gift to Selfless Love Foundation, you provide children in foster care an opportunity to find their forever homes.  There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.

We believe in collective impact
Partnerships bring together resources, expertise, and vision. We work with the best organizations to identify issues, find answers, and drive change.

We focus on improving foster care adoption in these three key areas:

  • Family Support: Educating and raising awareness about adoption.
  • Adoption Advocacy: Working with state leaders to improve the foster care adoption process.
  • Case Worker Efficiency: Utilizing data to simplify the approach for child welfare workers to identify families for children in their care.

Selfless Love Foundation’s innovative approach to adoption, awareness campaigns, and working with agencies across the state of Florida has resulted in over 380 children connected with families and over 140 adoptions in two years.

  • 800+ foster children registered on Family-Match
  • 500+ approved families registered on Family-Match
  • 380+ foster children matched with families
  • 140+ foster children adopted by their forever family

* June 2020 Adoption-Share’s Family-Match metrics.

Together, Selfless Love Foundation and Adoption-Share are leveraging innovative technology and using data to better match foster children with their forever family.
Child Welfare Agencies
Selfless Love Foundation collaborates with all the child welfare lead and provider agencies across the state of Florida to reduce the time to adoption placement for children waiting in the system.
Florida Coalition for Children
The mission of the Florida Coalition for Children (FCC) is to advocate on behalf of Florida’s abused, abandoned, neglected, and at-risk children, and to support the agencies and individuals who work on their behalf.
Thanks to Selfless Love Foundation’s generous supporters

Adoption-Share’s Family-Match has been launched in Florida at no cost to families or child welfare agencies. In two years, we’ve already matched over 380+ children waiting in foster care with families.


The adoption process


Find better matches with Adoption-Share’s Family-Match program.


Connecting children and youth in foster care with families ready to adopt.


One day there'll be no more children aging-out of the foster care system.

Together, Selfless Love Foundation and Adoption-Share are helping find forever families for children in Florida. Adoption-Share’s innovative Family-Match technology uses a compatibility assessment created by former senior researchers at eHarmony to better match foster children with a forever family.
Find your forever match!

Families interested in starting their adoption journey

Are you home-study approved and want to
create a profile or to log into Family-Match?

Family Mixers
Family Mixers offer an evening of encouragement and education for families interested in adoption. Attendees connect with child welfare experts and other adoptive parents so they can successfully navigate Florida’s adoption process.
At no cost to child welfare agencies, Selfless Love Foundation provides photoshoots for children in foster care. These beautiful photographs are the first images a family sees when a caseworker alerts them that they have found a child who would be a good fit. The photos give families a snapshot of each child and their unique personality.
Thank you to Shaina Leigh Photography for capturing the beautiful photos of our children and families.

“We realized YOU were the missing piece of our puzzle.”

Lopez Family

We were ready to give up on our dream...

when we were asked if we would be interested in meeting twin boys. The rest is history.

Sulieman Family

We waited over one year to be matched with a child and almost gave up.

In less than one month of registering on Family-Match, we were matched with two siblings and adopted them in less than three months. I hope our story gives hope to other families not to give up on your dream of adopting.

Brennan Family

We were waiting, but not just waiting for “any child”, we were waiting for “our” child

We were waiting for the child that was supposed to come to our family. All 3 of our children are exactly where they’re supposed to be.

Stubbs Family

We were matched in less than two months

We waited over one year the first time, but with our second child we registered on Family-Match and in less than two months we were matched. I know it was because we were able to create a profile on Family-Match which allowed us to share videos, photos, and paint a story of our family for case workers over the entire state of Florida to have access to.

Albrecht Family

Our children were in foster care for over 1,000 days.

Adoption transformed their lives, and ours. We are truly a family because of Selfless Love Foundation.

Bowman Family
Let's get to work

900 children are waiting in the foster care system to be adopted in Florida

100% of your donations go toward transforming the lives of children in foster care.

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