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The journey to adulthood can be full of excitement, growth, and change.

Young adults with foster care experience often miss out on the support and guidance needed during this time, reducing their chances to locate safe housing, find steady employment, and build stable and strong relationships.

Without the needed guidance and support, they are more likely to experience homelessness and involvement with the justice system and less likely to graduate from high school or college.

Despite the barriers, they are resilient and can make a positive transition if given the opportunity.

When you make a gift to Selfless Love Foundation, you provide support, resources and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities needed to help young adults who are aging out of the child welfare system become self-sufficient and thriving adults.

Thanks to Selfless Love Foundation’s generous supporters.

We advocate to ensure that transitioning youth have access to quality services and the support they need to thrive.

The journey to adulthood








01. Support

Brown’s Harbor
Through a partnership with Children’s Harbor, Selfless Love Foundation formed Brown’s Harbor, a supportive housing community. Brown’s Harbor offers on-site staff, training, and support services for former foster youth ages 18-23, helping to bridge the gap from dependence to independence.
Brown’s Boutique
Located in Brown’s Harbor is Brown’s Boutique a place where our residents can have confidence “shopping” for clothing for everyday and business attire.
Empowerment workshops
Empowerment workshops such as Resume Building, support efforts for foster youth  to build the skills required to live independently and empower them to successfully transition into adulthood.
Life Skills Re-imagined is a learner-centric, online platform revolutionizing life skills education for youth working towards self-sufficiency. The 9-month program covers five critical topics: personal finance, getting and keeping a job, resiliency, independent living, and communication skills.


Dale Carnegie Leadership trainings provide youth the Foundation for Success by developing vital skills in five key areas: financial, personal, community, education, vocation, and health

Dream Tank provides youth across the state the opportunity to present their dreams and aspirations to a panel of successful people and receive feedback and guidance on how to achieve their dreams. Finalists are matched with mentors and present the night before our gala on April 30. The winner will be announced live at Selfless Love’s Fourth Annual Gala at The Breakers, Palm Beach.

Show your support by signing the youth voice pledge!

We are hoping to have 1000 people show their support for youth in foster care by signing the Youth Voice Pledge.

Former Foster Youth



One Voice Impaact is a statewide initiative, a Youth Voice Movement, focused on shifting the system’s view of foster youth as service recipients to youth as organizational assets. By creating space for youth voice in the development and evaluation of local and statewide policies and practices, the system can better prepare youth for self-sufficiency. OVI hosts monthly statewide calls with youth leaders and supporters, capitol ambassador sessions, leadership summits, and supports the development of local youth councils.
The OVI Network of Youth Councils seeks to harness authentic youth voice, giving youth with lived experience opportunities to work alongside system leaders to find solutions to local issues, and give councils a platform for statewide collaboration.

Dale Carnegie Leadership Training

“Participating in Dale Carnegie Leadership Training is providing me with tools I’ll use for a lifetime!”


Brown’s Harbor

If I want to be successful, I must first believe in myself, I know that I am capable of anything, and live out these beliefs every day. The leadership trainings have taught me that if I don’t believe in myself first, nobody else will.


Dale Carnegie Training

Dale Carnegie Training taught me how to communicate in my personal and professional life.

Gaiola T.

Brown’s Harbor

When I was 17, I was left homeless for two months and still in high school. Then I found Brown’s Harbor and my life changed forever.

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Young adults in the foster can make a positive transition if given the opportunity

100% of your donations go toward transforming the lives of current and former foster youth.

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Brown’s Boutique


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