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Carlos J.

Charlotte, NC

Supportive adults play a critical role in the development and well-being of young people by offering guidance, encouragement, and a listening ear. These individuals can include parents and guardians, teachers and coaches, mentors and role models, and other caring adults in a young person’s life. They can inspire students to excel academically or athletically and provide valuable guidance as they navigate life’s challenges. Teachers and coaches who are empathetic, patient, and understanding can help young people build resilience and confidence, while those who are critical or dismissive can have the opposite effect.

Many children face challenges accessing permanent connections. I have seen these barriers firsthand. Oftentimes these barriers can come from individual, familial, and societal factors that limit a child’s ability to form and maintain these valuable relationships. These barriers can be institutional barriers, such as poverty, discrimination, and lack of access to education and healthcare. These barriers can impact a child’s ability to form supportive relationships. Children living in poverty or low-income households may not have access to the same opportunities as their more affluent peers, making it difficult for them to form permanent connections.

Additionally, children from ethnic and racial minority backgrounds may face discrimination and social isolation, which can impact their ability to form supportive relationships. Access to strong friendships are an important type of permanent connection. Friendship can give children a sense of belonging and acceptance that can help them navigate the social challenges of childhood and adolescence. Empathy, communication and conflict resolution are social skills in which friendship has given children an opportunity to develop.

Studies show that children who have permanent connections have better mental health outcomes and more significant social networks. Children with permanent connections also have a higher probability of finishing school, finding employment, and becoming financially independent.

Supportive adults are essential for young people to thrive and grow into well-adjusted, confident adults. By offering guidance, encouragement, and a listening ear, these individuals can help young people navigate life’s challenges and build the skills they need to achieve their goals. Whether it’s a parent, teacher, mentor, or other caring adult, the presence of supportive adults in a young person’s life can make all the difference. 

It is safe to say supportive adults and permanent connections are essential for the well-being and success of children and adolescents. These relationships provide children with emotional, social, financial, and moral support, which helps them face challenges and grow into confident and competent adults. Supportive adults and permanent connections help children build resilience, coping skills, and a positive outlook on life.


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