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October 29 - Bilquis T-selfless-love-foundation-foster-youth-voice-month

Bilquis T.

Lake City, FL

My name is Bilquis Thompson, and this is my story. When I was 14, I was separated from my family and placed in foster care. It was tough on me growing up because I came from a pretty big family. I was separated from my five siblings indefinitely. It was a heartbreaking and traumatizing experience because they were all I had ever known. 

As I grew up in the system, things didn’t get better. Being unable to speak to or see any immediate family took a massive toll on my life. I have been to many different cities and homes in Florida due to my not having a permanent home.

I was humiliated and embarrassed growing up in foster care. At the time, it seemed like no one even noticed or cared how I felt about that situation. I wished then and now that the system would put more effort into comforting young children growing up in care. You never know what a person could be dealing with mentally and physically. 

When I turned 17 years old, I looked at the system differently. I always told myself I couldn’t wait until I got out because I wanted to help change things and make an impact on young children growing up in foster care. Foster care wasn’t always good or bad. Whether you are in foster care or not, I just want you to remember that life is what you make it. Let people help you. Not everyone has bad intentions, although it may feel that way. Most importantly, love yourself. 


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