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October 25 - Destiny H-selfless-love-foundation-foster-youth-voice-month-blog

Destiny H.

Harlingen, TX

I feel better and have greater personal pleasure in my life when I am connected to the people I love. I’m satisfied with my life when I feel connected. From my experience, those who are connected are less prone to experience issues with their physical and mental health. Healthy connections can make you feel more valuable and included, as well as less lonely.

I would like to begin by thanking the BCFS Health and Human Services employees. Dolores and Felicia really helped me, and I am eternally grateful. They set me on a path that helped shape who I am today because I was in a really bad position. I want to make them proud and show them that their efforts were not in vain. 

BCFS gives access to new opportunities that might not have been possible. Someone who has a BCFS case manager gets help with job, school, and housing applications, along with personal needs. They can help you find opportunities and support your daily needs. Sometimes you just need a hand, and BCFS shows you the way. Leaving care on my 18th birthday, there was a moment when I didn’t have support. It was difficult for me because I wasn’t really aware of the tools available for youth in and out of foster care. I was in a terrible situation, and I had to make a choice. I called people I was close to who sent me the assistance I required.

I would recommend being more aware of the outside resources and opportunities during and after foster care. We shouldn’t ignore assistance or take it for granted. While there will be times when we must exercise patience, it does not mean that they do not care; it simply means that it will take time. When it feels like the rest of the world has given up on us, we shouldn’t treat people poorly but instead, keep in mind that they owe us NOTHING. 

This is my tale. Never underestimate your influence or the importance of your story. I was able to transform my suffering into something lovely that has given me a second chance at life. Even though I stumble occasionally, I’ll never give up because tomorrow is another chance for me to improve.  Remember your voice — your story is more powerful than you think. There’s still hope even when things are at their worst. You can put it behind you. God’s not finished, He has something better in store for you, so give yourself the chance to see it. You will love it!

                                       DREAM BIGGER, NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.


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