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Why Samuel and Kristian saw the importance of keeping siblings together.

Samuel and Kristian began their adoption journey in hopes of adopting “a” child. It was not until they met a sibling group of four that they realized God had different plans for them.

“We were interested in adopting just one child at first; however, once we found out there were four in need of a home and being such a huge advocate of keeping siblings together, we now have 4 times the love, 4 times the joy, and 4 times the laughter — our house is alive.”

Families are formed in many ways and for the Hill’s, adoption has been a blessing for generations. Adopted as a child with his brother, Samuel realized first-hand the importance of keeping siblings together.

“For these four children, their only biological family left was each other. We wouldn’t have been able to lay down at night knowing we were breaking them up; we had to keep their family intact,” shared Kristian.

The Hill’s are huge advocates of adopting siblings, and a message they’d like other families looking to adopt to know, “Don’t be afraid of siblings. Don’t let it intimidate you. Yes, you can do it. People do it every day.”

As if we could not fall in love with this incredible family any more, they credit their four children for making their family bond stronger than ever.

We are grateful for the Hill family sharing their adoption story and know it will inspire so many other families to consider adopting siblings, too.


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