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October 13 - Essence-selfless-love-foundation-foster-youth-voice-month

Essence F.

Jackson, MS

What are personal connections? How supportive is your support system? Who makes up your support system? If you can answer these three questions with no hesitation, kudos, you are a part of something rare and remarkable. On the other hand, if you’re like me and you have to sit in deep thought, I want you to know “you are not alone.”

Dear Black Sheep…that phrase paralyzes the mind 

Heartbreaking, may I add

To symbolize as such

But of course, chin up, don’t be sad

Wipe your tears black sheep, I get it, no harm no foul

Oh, but to be a black sheep, that sticks to you

Don’t worry they won’t mimic that style

Dear Black Sheep

Hold your head high, walk in your name

For Black Sheep means to differ

So, strength and courage you’ll gain

To be so resilient

Folded under pain and fear,

You are not alone, take that leap

Mirror my reflection

Sincerely, another Black Sheep

Everyone’s definition of a personal connection differs. Identical to an actual personal connection, everyone’s connection differs. Having an adult as a personal connection as a youth is critical. Having an adult connection not only gives you a mentor and guidance, it also gives you access to a support system. 

I was a ward of the state for more than 15 years. While in custody, I experienced some of the most traumatizing things life has to offer; but I was also given the adult support I never had in my primary family. Unfortunately, I still lack a personal connection with my biological family, which I feel has its pros and cons. 

After emancipating out of custody, I remained in contact with some of my former peers, as well as some of the staff I encountered. I still use my resources from my adolescent years. 

Now, as an adult with two kids, I still sometimes seek wisdom and guidance. I also try to be that voice and leadership for our upcoming youth. I was once that youth who felt I didn’t have a voice. I know the feeling of not being heard. I remember feeling similar to a puppet. I want them to know they have advocates, who are not only listening, but also taking action.

In closing, I hope you take from this article to be the change you want to see, or the change you never saw. Remember the golden rule, and act upon it. This flesh we possess is temporary, our souls are everlasting. Let it be beautiful. 


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