Amplifying Youth Voice to Foster Change


In July 2019, Selfless Love Foundation joined forces with Florida Coalition for Children on the ONE VOICE IMPAACT (OVI) statewide youth engagement initiative. OVI provides a platform for current and former foster youth to develop their leadership skills and use their lived experience to work alongside child welfare system leaders to find solutions to local and statewide issues. This community of youth leaders is making a difference in child welfare today and for generations to come.


Discovering, Developing and Demonstrating Their Talents

Foster youth and alumni across the state are provided opportunities to enhance their leadership skills and advocacy reach by attending annual leadership summits, legislative ambassador sessions, and youth voice seminars. Through participation in OVI’s network of independent youth councils, based on a model youth and systems organizing, youth voice will be integrated into decision making, program improvement, policy development, and other important areas.

What is being done through One Voice Impaact is something very important to the lives of foster youth. I have first hand experience in the system and its not always easy. However, with the help of those who work closely with the youth it can improved for generations to come. Fortunately, One Voice Impaact is a service that offers that opportunity.” – Brian T.